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Points Selection System for Australia Immigration

Have you ever wondered why Australia, in just a span of time has emerged as a popular destination for immigration? It is because of its easy immigration selection system. While many countries still stick to the old method of quota system to invite candidates on a permanent residency, Australia stands its way out by following simple points based selection system. In this system, there is neither a first come -first serve criteria nor a selection based on country or nationality. In Australia PR visa’s points based system, or nomination applicants are granted a Permanent Residency solely based on core human factors, or nomination received for their skills & ability to be a part of the Australian workforce. A standard points requirement is set by Australia to analyze candidates and issue them with an Invitation to Apply for Australia immigration.

Points Requirement for Australia PR visa

To qualify for a points based subclass 189 visa and subclass 190 visa, applicants need to score overall 60 points under Australia’s Points based system. Points are allotted for candidates for parameters like;

1.     age
2.     education
3.     relevant work experience
4.     English language skills
5.     accompanying spouse skills
6.     State/territory nomination
7.     sponsorship from relative
8.     international education and experience

Requirements & Points structure of Australia immigration
Age: Australia prefers youth who could migrate to Australia on a PR visa and contribute their skills to the country’s economic growth. This is the reason that is accepting applicants for Australia PR visa who are only under the age of 50 years, but points are allotted only till the age of 44 yrs. Moreover, professionals in the age of 18-24 years are considered best and are given the highest points i.e. 25 points.

To qualify for Australia PR visa, it is important that a professional must have min. Bachelor’s degree for his qualification credentials. However, the higher his qualification the more points he gains. Overall for best and highest education, Australia allots applicant with maximum 20 points.

Relevant Work Experience:
Australia demands work experience that is relevant to one’s skills and education. For this, it is mandate that when applying for an Australia PR visa applicant must nominate for an occupation listed on Australia Skilled Occupation List and also have his skills assessed by a relevant assessing body through Skills Assessment. While min two years experience within the decade is the eligibility requirement, applicants with the highest experienced get to score overall 20 points at the highest. If a professional show previous overseas experience gained within the decade, he can get an additional20 points for this factor.

English language skills:
To become a permanent resident of Australia, it is important to have proficiency in English language. For a professional to prove his proficiency in English language, he must attempt the IELTS exam and have overall CLB 6 to be eligible. However, for highest score (20 points) in this parameter, he must achieve CLB 8 or higher in his IELTS.

Additional factors:
Under Australia immigration points calculator, applicants can claim additional points for factors like state/territory nomination (5 points), eligible relative sponsorship (10 points), experience and qualification relating the most demanded occupations of low population growth area (5 points) and skills of partners relating to eligibility criteria of Australia immigration (5 points) Best practices to increase points.

Enhance work experience:
As said above, the higher work experience one is able to show up on his profile, the more points he will have for his Australia PR visa eligibility check. Hence, to improve points one can enhance his work experience. Give the best in IELTS: English proficiency determines one’s ability to adapt to Australian lifestyle and work culture. Only if a professional is apt in the English language he will be invited to Canada. To have best points for English language skills, practice well for IELTS, take coaching or assistance in preparations and give your level best in the English language assessment. Apply at a low age: If you are young, you are perfect for Australia. Delaying the application for the next year often affects your points for the age factor. To enhance points and settle in Australia through a smooth points system, apply for your Australia PR visa at the earliest eligible age.

How to know your points for Australia immigration?

While Australia’s Points Calculator helps one understand the point allotment structure, only through an Evaluation Service he/she can determine his eligibility.

Kansas Overseas Careers is a pioneer in Australia immigration visa evaluation & processing services. Over the years, we have processed thousands of visas for aspirants who were determined to settle in Australia as permanent residents. Our Evaluation service is conducted by the most qualified and experienced Evaluation Experts. To provide you accurate, authentic and error-free results, our Evaluation conducts the service manually as per country norms and help clients know his chances for Australia PR visa. Only after a positive outcome, we suggest for a complete immigration service.

The best way to know how we can help you settle in Australia on PR visa is to connect to us. You can approach us by any means- call, mail or visit our branch nearest to your location. Get your PR visa now.


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