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Immigration to Australia with trusted immigration consultants

Are you planning for Australian immigration?

Here are some flexible visa policies that can increase your chance of migrating to the land of opportunities. The capital city of Australia, Canberra offers a wide range of permits to the immigrants. These easy-to-get permits will give you permanent residency status including your family members.

On your immigration to Australia with PR visa, you get the right to stay in the country. You will get access to employment and study opportunities. You will also get health care and social security benefits. Last but not the least; you will be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship. You can easily apply for citizenship under these terms - continuous stay in Australia for four years under Australian PR visa, your conduct should be good and you should intend to be associated with Australia.

Australia PR options

Skilled Independent Visa also called as Subcategory 189: This visa permit offers you an opportunity to migrate to Australia and work. Canberra releases Australian Skilled Occupation List every year that includes the various job vacancies. If you have the experience and skill set that is required that matches with the particular vacancy under Australian Skilled Occupation List, you can apply for it. This is a point’s base immigration system. You can manage to get this permit if you are less than 50 years and score 60 points. You do not need sponsorship to apply under this category.

Skilled Nominated Visa also known as Subcategory 190: Applicants who are not eligible for Australia Skilled Independent Visa can apply under this category. This visa option is also based on the points system. In addition, to scoring 60 on the points system, you should be less than 50 years and have a nomination from an Australian state or territory.

Parent Permit: If your child is a permanent resident of Australia, you can easily get this permit. He/she can sponsor you for this visa and you can move to the country on a permanent basis. Only a limited number of applications are accepted every year under this category.

If you want to apply under any of these Australia PR visa categories or need advice on the immigration process, seek the help of your local and reliable Immigration consultants. Kansas Overseas Careers is one of the most reputable immigration consultants. We can provide consultation and help with documentation process. Get in touch with us today to check your eligibility for Australian immigration.


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